Mosman Square & Village Green

Mosman Square and Village Green provide public open space at the heart of Spit Junction.

Mosman Square features the 1901 foundation stone and other plaques within the wall of the landscaped area and three water features, including two fountains donated by local residents.

The Antico Fountain is an 18th century Italian marble fountain donated by Sir Tristan Antico and the 19th century cast iron O’Keefe Fountain was donated by the Hon. Mr Justice Barry O’Keefe AM QC.

A more recent addition in 2000 was the sculpture Meeting Place: Welumbulla Cyfarfod (pronounced: Well-um-bool-ah Ki-far-fod) created by Anne Ferguson on commission from the Mosman Public Art Trust. The sculpture symbolises the coming together of two ancient cultures on common ground. Welumbulla is Aboriginal for coming back again to a place and Cyfarfod is Welsh for meeting or coming together, and is used as a reference to the Celtic ancestry shared by many Australians.


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