Linga Longa

Linga Longa at Emoh Ruo: What's In A Name?

Before the use of numbers houses were identified by a name. 

The story behind house names is fascinating and like everything followed a fashion.

In the Victorian era names may have been a reminder of the ‘old country’, something from classical mythology or the name of a ship. The Federation period favoured personal names, Australian flora or indigenous words. Following the First World War houses were often named after the battlefields in France and Gallipoli.

Have you ever wondered if your house had a name? The Mosman Local Studies Collection may have the answer.

Please call and book your 30 minute session. It may be the most exciting 30 minutes you have ever spent!

Session dates:

19 April 2023 10am-4pm

27 April 2023   6 -8pm

9 May 2023     10am-4pm

Places are limited. Please call (02) 9978 4101 to book.


Tuesday 9 May 2023
10.00am - 4.00pm


Barry O’Keefe Library (Mosman Library Service)
Library Walk, 605 Military Road, Mosman

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