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Kimbriki Composting and Worms Workshop

Our Composting and Worm Farm workshop covers the following topics:

  • Why compost or have a worm farm? Learn why food scraps & garden waste must be taken out of our rubbish bins
  • Setting up your compost bin & worm farm
  • What goes into your compost & worm farms?
  • Learn different methods of composting
  • Maintaining your compost & worm farm
  • How to use compost, worm castings & ‘worm juice’ on your garden
  • The vital role of organic matter & humus in your soil
  • Outlining the human health problems associated with using synthetic fertilisers on your edible gardens
  • Answers to the most common problems with worm farms

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Sunday 18 September 2022
10.00am - 1.00pm


Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre
1 Kimbriki Rd, Ingleside NSW 2101, Australia

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$30-$50. See Kimbriki website for details