"World War Noir" Author Evening with Michael Duffy & Nick Hordern

Michael Duffy & Nick Hordern will speak at Barry O’Keefe Library on Monday 8 April about war and illicit crime in Sydney during World War II from their new book World War Noir: Sydney’s unpatriotic war published by NewSouth Books.

Not even a world war could stop crime in Sydney. In fact, World War Noir confirms that war and crime – in the form of sex, drugs, alcohol, racketeering-go hand in hand. Many Australians at this time were not as patriotic as first thought. With soldier’s pockets full of cash and the freedom of being on leave, criminal possibilities opened up during this time. Michael Duffy & Nick Hordern are both journalists and authors. They are the authors of Sydney Noir.

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Mosman Council Event


  • Monday 8 April 2019
  • 7.00pm – 9.00pm


  • Barry O’Keefe Library (Mosman Library Service)
  • Library Walk, 605 Military Road, Mosman


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