The Gift of Nature, Mental Health Month Talk

Tragedy strikes unexpectedly in Mother Nature and human nature. Have you or someone you know lost a loved one, a dear friend or a four-legged friend?  Suffered a broken leg or broken heart? Worried by loss of health, wealth or job…or simply loss of perspective?

When you’ve lost anything important, The Gift of Nature will help you find comfort and courage.

Catherine DeVrye is a #1 best-selling author who understands resilience from both a professional and personal perspective…from a Canadian orphanage to a scholarship in the USA; from her adoptive parents deaths from cancer when she was 21 to her own recovery; from arriving in Australia jobless to IBM and named Australian Executive Woman of the Year, Australia Day Ambassador and Keynote Speaker of the Year and torchbearer at the Sydney Olympics.

Catherine is often asked by both audience members and media: ‘What motivates the motivator?’ The answer is simple. Nature is her nurture. From treks to Timbuktu and beyond Everest Base Camp, she appreciates that we all face ‘everyday Everests’ closer to home. In moments-or seasons-of despair, she’s discovered insights from nature to renew hope and perspective.

Accompanied by her own photos from every continent, symbolic of our universal human spirit, she shares timeless lessons that helped her bounce back from setbacks. Likewise, these words of wisdom will help you-and those you love-better weather the inevitable storms of life…a breath of fresh air to soothe your soul.

Mosman Council Event Free Event


  • Wednesday 10 October 2018
  • 7.00pm – 9.00pm


  • Barry O’Keefe Library (Mosman Library Service)
  • Library Walk, 605 Military Road, Mosman


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