Seniors Computer Pals

Computers are easy!

Computer Pals

Computers, laptops, and smart devices such as tablets or phones can get us online and make our lives easier. They allow us to do lots of different things like keep up-to-date with news, pay bills, do banking, do business with a range of organisations and government departments, and stay in regular contact with family and friends who live far away. If you don’t know much about computers or the internet and want to learn, join the Computer Pals at Mosman Square Seniors’ Centre. Our course will allow you to progress at your own pace in a friendly non-threatening environment. Embracing technology can make our lives easier and help keep us connected to our community and our families. If you’re motivated to learn then you’re likely to succeed, the secret is to be motivated! 

Technology for Seniors Package 1 (10 lessons) $60
Technology for Seniors Package 2 (5 lessons) $35
Technology for Seniors (1 lesson) $10.

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Mosman Council Event


  • Thursday 22 June – Friday 22 December 2017
  • 9.00am – 5.00pm


  • Mosman Seniors Centre
  • Mosman Square, Spit Junction


  • Starting from $10. Available weekdays, call Olivier to book.

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