Free Senior Driver Seminar

This seminar is suited for any older driver looking to refresh their skills and knowledge of driving, it includes:

  • Specific risk factors for older drivers
  • Completing a 'Risk Survey' to help identify areas to reduce personal risk
  • NSW Older Driver Assessment
  • Available assessment options
  • Preparing for life after driving

We will be answering the most common questions; roundabouts and intersections, confusing road rules and vehicle technology.The presenter Tony Wroe is an accredited driving instructor who specialises in helping people overcome fear, anxiety and stress that restricts or prevents them from enjoying independence and life.

Have you considered catching the Mosman Rider to this event? Click here to find out more about the Rider.

Senior Driver Seminar 1.19MB


Mosman Council Event Free Event


  • Thursday 27 July 2017
  • 10.00am – 12.00pm


  • Mosman Civic Centre
  • Mosman Square, Spit Junction


  • Free
  • Rebecca

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