Submission Guidelines

This website aims to support events that promote Mosman’s unique identity and lifestyle, and to encourage participation in local initiatives.

You are welcome to post your event on this website if the event:

  • occurs at a venue or location within Mosman;
  • is open to the general public; and
  • has broad appeal for people from the local community as well as visitors to our area.

To ensure your event is best represented on the site:

  • upload a large photo – no clip art! – to accompany your text;
  • ensure the photo is at least 580 pixels wide; and
  • if your image is a logo, a non-white background works best.

An event will not be listed when it:

  • features incomplete information, like dates to be announced or indeterminate locations; or
  • appears only to promote or advertise a business or commercial enterprise.

Each event is evaluated in terms of community benefit and Council reserves the right to edit or decline any event. Regional events may be included if they are considered to be of interest to Mosman residents and satisfy most of the criteria.

Events must be submitted by the event organiser or someone authorised by the organiser. Please ensure that content you upload is with the permission of the copyright holder. Content published on this website is also available via data feeds and may be published in other places.

Need to source an image?

If you don’t have an image, it’s important that you source a photograph appropriately.

The following websites can help:

  • stock.xchng – good variety and quantity, with clear licence terms; just note that ‘premium results’ (commercial products) appear at the top of search results, so scroll down a bit.
  • Flickr advanced search – this popular photo sharing site can help with more abstract concepts as well as descriptive images; tick the box Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content and ensure you follow the terms of the licence.
  • Mosman Council and Mosman Library Flickr photo streams offer a wide variety of local Creative Commons-licensed images.
  • Wikimedia Commons – public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips); often has both contemporary and historic images on a place or subject.
  • Our Community Photo Bank – Australia and community-specific images free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons licence.